Top 5 Baby Monitors Cameras — 2018

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens

Infant Optics

Featuring a 3.5inch LCD color display monitor which will give you an exceptional feature of interchangeable optical lens, Infant Optics has brought to its customers the best wireless baby video monitor. With interchangeable lenses, you have freedom to customize your experience by varied range of lenses fitted in the system as per your choice. You can switch between lenses in no time with this advanced technology and so monitoring a room has become a cakewalk. It has wide 170-degree view angle to give you great coverage of the room. You will be able to choose the focal length that is the most suitable one for your usage. It also has an invisible IR night vision which will enable it to record crystal clear videos even in the dark. The monitor also has a remote pan/tilt control which helps it to capture each and every corner of the room. Apart from these amazing features, it has a temperature monitoring option too which will let you know whether your baby is in a cozy environment or not.

Another important feature of this video monitor from the house of Infant Optics is that it has a very powerful battery. It can provide you a service of up to 10 hours if it is in a power saving mode and up to 6 hours in the normal mode. The two-way talk feature will enable you to speak with your baby. The sleek design makes this video monitor completely portable. Another feature that is very useful to parents is that it has a row of LED indicators which will let you know if your baby is crying so that you can quickly speak with him or her through the two-way talk feature.


The interchangeable optical zoom lens is of great advantage.

The setup procedure is quick and simple.

The battery life of the video monitor is good.

The device also has an alarm function.


It doesn’t have much features like programmed lullaby option or video projector etc.

Summer Infant Baby Touch 3.5"

Summer Infant

If you want to have a peace of mind while you are at work and your baby is at home, then the Summer Infant Baby Touch 3.5" is a very good option. It will help you to keep a close watch on your baby at all times and you can monitor him or her on a 3.5 inch LCD screen. Featuring a range up to 400 feet, this wireless baby monitor is quite good even at night due to its automatic black and white night vision. With the help of the touchscreen monitor, you will be able to control the camera and you can tilt or pan it according to your requirement remotely. The microphone is quite sensitive and is provided with LED lights so that you can detect if any sound is coming from the baby. The multi-level zoom feature will help you to get a close up on the baby.

If your baby is crying or doing any mischief, you can communicate with him or her with the two way talk feature. If one camera is not enough to monitor your child you can add up to three cameras to this expandable system and thus, enable a better coverage. The battery is rechargeable so that you can charge it up whenever it is out of charge. Operating on a 2.45 GHz digital technology, this video monitor will ensure you a private connection.


The pan and tilt feature can be remotely controlled thus enabling full coverage of the area.

The battery life is good.

The zoom feature is appreciable.

You can connect multiple cameras to monitor your child.


Keeping the price in mind, the video monitor lacks few important features, such as temperature sensing and programmed lullabies.

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Featuring an outstanding video quality, the Hello Baby Wireless Video Baby Monitor is a perfect device to keep your baby under your watchful eyes for the entire day. You will not face any problems of grainy imagery. The night vision is commendable. Not only can it help you monitor your baby but it also helps you to ensure that your baby is staying in a comfortable temperature with the help of its temperature sensor. The baby monitor also has an exceptional programmed lullaby option which will help you to lull your baby to sleep. The device has a total of eight polyphonic lullabies. So, the next time your baby wakes up from sleep, you can comfort him or her with these programmed lullabies.

The parent unit of this video monitor has several LED lights which will keep you aware when your baby is crying. Video screen is 2.4 inch size. The device portrays another special feature and that is, it has an audio only mode. Suppose you are in a place where you don’t want to be disturbed by the video, so you can automatically switch to the audio only mode. Moreover, it reduces the consumption of charge by 50%. This will help you to operate the device for a longer duration even if you don’t have enough charge. If you find your baby crying, you can easily speak with him or her with the two way talk feature. With an outstanding range of 960 feet, you don’t have to worry about staying near the baby and easily walk freely inside the house. It also has a pan and tilt option with which it can be rotated a complete 360-degree around and also perform up and down movement at an angle of 120-degrees. The battery is rechargeable and can give you service even up to 7 to 8 hours.


The setup of the device is quite easy.

You can turn on the lullaby option from the parent device itself.

The temperature readings are shown on the display so that you know whether you need to turn down the air conditioner or not.

The parent unit has an outstanding battery life.


When you zoom the camera, the image becomes quite grainy.

The night vision is not too good.

VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor

VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor

Whether you are in the kitchen making lunch or doing some other work in any other room, you can keep a watch on your baby with the help of the VTech VM343 Video Baby Monitor. This baby monitor has a 4.3 inch color LCD screen and records high resolution images. With a dynamic video, you will be able to closely monitor each and every small movement of your child. To ensure better security levels, this baby monitor encrypts and digitizes the transmissions which is a very unique feature. You can literally monitor your baby from every corner of your house as this device features a range of 1000 feet. The pan and tilt option of the camera will give you a better view of the room and help you to monitor your child when he or she is moving around the room and not in the crib.

The device will permit a split screen option which will help you to watch four screens at once so that you can monitor your child in a perfect manner. When you don’t want to get disturbed by sounds, you can simply turn the volume down on the parent unit and just keep the video on. If you are worried that you won’t get to know whether your child is crying or not if you turn the audio off, then you need not worry as the LED lights will tell you if your child is crying. You will also be alerted with the help of vibrations. The two-way talk will help you to communicate with your baby and comfort him or her when he or she is crying. You can also see the temperature of the room since the device has a temperature sensor.


The screen is quite big.

You will be made aware if your child is crying with the help of vibration alerts and LED lights.

The temperature sensor gives accurate readings.

The pan and tilt option helps to see every corner of the room.

The device encrypts each and every transmission and thus is great from security point of view.


The mounting system sometimes creates a problem in the pan and tilt option.

SEW-3043W - Samsung Baby Video Monitor

SEW-3043W - Samsung Baby Video Monitor

Providing a 720p HD live video equipped with some of the most advanced settings, the SEW-3043W - Samsung Baby Video Monitoring is one of the most useful baby video monitoring devices available in the market. You don’t have to handle any bulky control as the screen size of will show you every detailing precisely. If you are doing some work in the kitchen and you need to lull your baby to sleep you can simply do that with the help of the pre-programmed lullabies. You don’t even have to leave your work and come to the other room. There is a total of four such pre-programmed lullabies that will sing your little angel to sleep. It also has a night vision mode.

The device has a specialized quiet mode which will help you to control and set the audio sensitivity levels of the camera at a desired level so that you can be alerted when your baby is crying. You can even turn on the audio mode in case you are not using the screen to save power. All other functions including detection of sound will go on normally even when your screen is off. You will be able to see what your baby is doing even if you are at 900 feet from him or her. Another important feature is that you can add up to 4 extra cameras to this system. The two-way talk along with a built-in microphone will help you to communicate with your baby even when you are not around.


The setup is very easy.

The screen is quite large which helps in navigation.

The range of the device is commendable.


There is no option to check the temperature of the room.

The battery life is not at all good.