Top 5 Home Outdoor Security Cameras & Review

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Top 5 Indoor Security Cameras

Rank Security Camera Amazon link Resolution View Angle Night Vision Wireless Motion Detection 2-Way Audio Zoom

Nest Cam

outdoor nest cam



Outdoor Amcrest

98 ft

Microseven M7B57-WPS 3 MP HD

Microseven M7B57-WPS 3 MP HD

100 ft

Phylink Bullet HD

Phylink Bullet HD

30 ft

Foscam FI9803P V2

Foscam  FI9803P V2

65 ft

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera

Nest Cam outdoor review


Excellent range of view & video quality

Excellent digital zoom.

Advanced Zone detection.


Expensive subscription plans.

False alarm notification.

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera Features

The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is no doubt a best outdoor security cameras with upgraded features that have a weatherized outer built. Nest came into the market when it brought to the world a reinvented thermostat and since then this company has never looked back. This weatherproof IP camera manufactured by Nest not only has a strong picture quality but also a strong built which is a very necessary element for outdoor cameras. The continuous streaming capacity and the 1080p recording capability are commendable. It works perfectly at temperatures ranging from minus 4 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. The powerful motion detection and easy installation are some other factors which have made this camera stand out in the crowd. The Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is not wireless, which comes as a drawback considering its high price. However it is loaded with some useful features and supports Bluetooth 4.0, which makes it one of the enduring security cameras in the market.

The magnetic mount of the camera is also added to its list of advantages. However, it does not have any local storage and the subscription fee for nominal cloud storage becomes quite a burden. Remote viewing is easier with the user-friendly apps. This camera also integrates with Amazon Alexa, so you can control it via audio commands. Read the nest cam outdoor security camera review to know all its pros and cons.

Field of View -Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is a still camera, whose 130-degree wide lens can capture every detail in both day and night. All you need to do is fix it up in a perfect position and everything will be recorded effectively. This is a still camera and have no movement flexibility so it is very important to place it in the right place and position.

Design & Setup -Most security cameras are not much aesthetically appealing but the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera has a sleek design coupled with a strong waterproof outer shell. After all, it is an outdoor camera so it has to be waterproof. With its black face and white sides, the camera is of conical shape. It is quite large weighing 11 ounces and its size is approximately 2.8 x 3.5 inches. It has a rounded magnetic base which can be fixed to any surface. The camera is rated at IP65 which certifies it to be not only dustproof but also waterproof in nature; it can withstand even medium to heavy downpour.

Nest Cam outdoor review

Even more important than the design is its ease of installation. You would not require any personnel to set it up for you and can easily do it yourself. The ease of setup also lies in the fact that the camera comes with a 25-foot power cord which is not present in the other security cameras. This power cord can be plugged into the USB port to provide it with the power it needs. You can easily secure the camera to the wall with the help of cable clips. However, prior to everything you must make sure you have the proper outlet for plugging in the camera otherwise an extension cord may be required. Keep in mind that a long cable emerging from the camera may not be a pleasing view for your guests or your eyes as well.

Detection of Motion -The camera has a very good motion and sound detection feature beyond any doubts but the feature works only when you have cleared your subscription fee which in this case is a bit high as you have to pay a $10 for a cloud storage, which needless to say is quite basic and does not offer any extra feature. However, if you have subscribed to the Nest Aware, then you will get the privilege of four irregular zones in which you can enjoy the service of motion detection. You can also turn the feature on or off at your will.

The new upgrade that the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera has brought to its users is the person-detection feature. As the name suggests, the camera will automatically let you know as soon as it recognizes a person in the frame. However the results are not always correct as the camera sometime identifies animals as persons.

Nest Cam review

Resolution - The camera has a 1/3 inch CMOS sensor which is of 3-megapixel. It can record the footage fully at 1080p. Keeping in mind the 130-degree field of view of the camera, the resolution is quite appreciable. You can easily recognize the faces in daylight even at a zoom of 8x, you would be clearly able to identify faces till a distance of 8 feet from the camera. The camera also has the ability to detect any objects or person beyond the 8 feet field of view, but the features of the object or the face of the person will appear blurred. You will not face any problems regarding fish-eye distortion at the edges. Sometimes, when the light is low on a cloudy day or at dawn you may find it difficult to recognize faces clearly so it is always recommended to put up a light near this camera.

In the default settings, the resolution of the camera is always set to auto. This means change in the speed of the internet will automatically change the resolutions and it will vary in the ranges 1080p, 720p and 360p. But if you want a specific range to be maintained at all times, you can simply set the range in the settings.

Sound - The audio capturing capability of the Nest Cam outdoor security camera is quite good. The audio that it records is very clear and audible even when the person whose voice is recorded is about 10-15 feet away from the camera.

With the two-way-talk feature you can easily speak with your pets or your baby when you are not at home and in that feature too the sound transmitted is very clear.The clear audible zone of this feature is about 9 feet around the camera. So try to be within this radius to let your voice be clearly audible.

Storage - The Nest Cam outdoor security camera does not have its own local storage in the form of memory card slot so you have to be entirely dependent on the cloud for your storage requirements. For the first 30 days, you can enjoy the free plan but after that you will have to subscribe to the Nest Aware plan otherwise all your history will be lost. You will also lose your personal alerts and practically almost everything.

Without the subscription you will get access to live feeds and alerts but the luxury of storage won’t be available and it is indeed a grave problem. You can only enjoy the archive of images that were recorded when the camera was triggered by any sudden sound or motion.

Night Vision - The night vision is also quite good and the camera switches to IR mode. However, sometimes it so happens that when you have too much light in the frame of the camera at night, the camera may not turn on the night mode automatically and that would lead to recording of blurred faces and details. Another drawback is that sometimes the objects that are in motion cannot be seen clearly at night and appear to be blurred.

Wi-Fi Capability - It is very easy to get the camera connected to your Wi-Fi at home by just following the simple instructions that are shown on the app. If you have installed the camera a bit far away then you must ensure that your Wi-Fi strength is strong enough to support it.

Among Wi-Fi networks, this camera supports 802.11 a/b/g/n and that too at 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz. It uses TLS/SSL standards to encrypt the data, so you do not need to bother about video security. To ensure proper working of the camera, you must have a broadband connection of 2Mbps and you can connect the camera to your Wi-Fi just by scanning the QR code that comes with the camera. If you wish to control the camera through your smart phone or your tablet, make sure that they have the proper configuration to support Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy, as the camera is Bluetooth enabled.

Notification/Alert - Notifications are very advanced with the Nest Cam outdoor security camera. It not only gives you a simple notification but also a still image of the disturbance. If you want to cut down the notifications, you can just specify the zones using the web portal for which you want to receive the notifications. Although there are several complaints regarding this options saying that users receive unnecessary notifications.

Zone Detection - With the subscribed cloud storage you can have the access to four irregular zones. Any disturbance in that zone will send you a notification although you can’t be sure of getting the right notifications.

Cost - The cost of the Nest Cam Outdoor security camera is $199 but the cost increases due to the subscription plan which requires $10 only for a 10-day video history. This is quite a high price, compared to other products with similar or same features. This is perhaps its biggest drawback. Apart from high cost the camera also faces some issues with false alarm notification. Go beyond these problems and you will have a stable, feature rich camera for your home or office security.

Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor Security Camera

Amcrest Pro HD outdoor review


FHD Video Inexpensive.

Free Cloud Storage.

Low Lag Time.


False Motion detection Alarms

Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor Security Camera Features

If you want a home monitoring system that would not only suit all your needs but also come within your budget, this camera from the house of Amcrest is definitely the one for you. This IP camera can not only record the motion event footages but also allows live viewing and both of them are done in 1080p FHD. And if you want to get notifications for motion detection, this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera has that feature too. With a 93-degree viewing angle coupled with a 98 feet night vision, you can stay completely assured about the monitoring process. The enhanced digital zoom is also one of the key features of this camera. On top of all these features, this camera is POE enabled but it requires a separate POE switch or injector to operate.

The uninterrupted remote viewing feature of this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera will enable you to look after your child or even your pet when you are not at home. Moreover, it is an IP66 camera which means it is completely weatherproof. Read on to have a detailed look at all the features.

Design &Setup - The aesthetics of the Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera along with the features that it has, makes this camera quite a good one. Both black and white color options are available for this camera. It is a dome camera so if you want the camera to monitor a greater area then you must place the camera in the center of the area to be covered.

The camera has a pan and tilt option which means both horizontal and vertical movement is allowed along with the option that you can control it even from a remote area and thus this feature makes surveillance possible in various directions.

The setup procedure is very easy. All you need is a smartphone and the Amcrest View mobile app. You just have to plug in the camera, scan the QR code and then follow the steps that will be shownon the screen. The camera being a weatherproof one can be safely put up in a suitable location without worrying about damage due to extreme weather conditions.It’s a DIY camera so the installation can be completely done by yourself.

Field of View - The whopping93 degree viewing angle is one of the features what makes the customers choose this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera over the others. The outstanding viewing angle is the product of the 2.8 mm lens which has a maximum aperture of F 2.4. So, once you have got this camera installed, you don’t need to worry about anything escaping the recording frame.

Resolution - With a frequency of 30 frames per second (fps) and a resolution of 1920 X 1080, there is no doubt that this is an outstanding camera from the resolution point of view. Every minute details of the recording are clearly visible and distinguishable too. The intelligent digital zoom feature adds another feather to its crown. From thieves to unwanted creatures, everything will be captured with precision and you will also be notified about the time it happened.

Amcrest Pro HD outdoor review

Detection of Motion - Though the Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera is provided with an advanced motion detection features which promise not to give false alarms when leaves or curtains sway in the wind, but several customers have complained about receiving false notifications from this camera.

The Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera does have a zone detection feature but it has got various negative comments from the customers saying that the notifications pop up even due to the simplest of matters which are of no importance. Regardless of that, you can create motion zones and even set threshold meters to the various sensitive areas of zones, so user can configure the sensitivity as per the requirement.

You will get a pop-up notification on your Android the moment the camera detects any suspicious movement in the motion zones. But the best thing is that you will even get a snapshot of disturbance that led to the notification being sent to you. You will also get Email alerts. You can also be alerted through various Web Apps like Firefox or Safari or any other IE supported app.

Night Vision - If you are worried whether this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera would recognize faces at night, then you can stay assured about that as the night vision property of this surveillance camera is, beyond any doubts, remarkable. The cutting-edge technology that is implemented in it for night-vision enables you to see everything clearly even when there is no light nearby. The 30 IR LEDs of this camera has enabled it to record up to a range of 98 feet even in the dark.

Storage - Storage is a major problem for many surveillance cameras but thankfully, Amcrest is not one of them. The cloud storage that comes with this camera is commendable. It ensures that you get access to the footages even when you are not at home which is not possible with a local storage. With the cloud storage, whether you are on a vacation or at the office, you can just login through the Amcrest app or through your PC and just select the footage you want to view. You can view the footages at a 2MP quality. Moreover, you can also turn on on-the-go alerts with the help of the cloud storage. In addition to this, you will get a free live viewing and a four hour long recorded storage. You can access it from your Android Smartphone, iPhone, IPad or even your Windows or Apple Mac devices. In case you need more storage you can just opt for the plans that suit you. If you are not yet satisfied with this, then you must know that this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera also does the recording to an FTP server which can be accessed through any Amcrest NVR or your local computer.

Amcrest Pro HD review

Sound - The camera has a two-way audio and this is quite an advantage mainly because even if you are not at home you can just tell your maid what to do sitting right in your office or you can even remind your loved ones of important things while you are not at home. Since, it also has built in mic so, all your videos i.e. live or recorded will have sound too integrated.

Cost - This Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera is available atprice of $109.99 and if you consider the subscription for cloud storage then the subscription starts from $6 per monthonwards. Keeping in mind the cost and the features, the AmcrestProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFiIP Security Bullet Camera is quite a good one. Only thing that you need to carefully configure is the sensitivity of motion detection alerts so that it does not send you false notifications. Apart from that, this is no doubt one of the best as it is one of the few cameras that would give you a continuous recording that too in 1080p.

Microseven M7B57 Outdoor Security Camera

Microseven M7B57 outdoor review


Excellent Video Quality.

Built in SD Card slot upto 64GB.

Wi-Fi & POE combo.



Does not have built in 2 way audio but slot is available to connect external Mic and Speaker.

Microseven M7B57 Outdoor Security Camera Features

Microseven M7B57 is one of the security cameras that is manufactured in such a way that you can not only use them outdoors but also indoors. This IP cameraalso supports POE 802.3af standard so in case you have Power-on-Ethernet setup at home, this comes handy.It is packed with features and even though it is priced quite high, it does have its unique qualities. You will get several other surveillance cameras with more features than this one, but its dual mounting quality that allows it to operate properly both indoors and outdoors gives it an added benefit. Moreover, Microseven M7B57 isan IP66 rated camera which makes it weatherproof that lets it survive all kinds of extreme weather conditions and protects it from rusts and other water damage.

The camera isWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant and supports wireless security enabled by WEP & WPA/WPA2 encryption. If you download the Microseven app you can also opt for remote viewing and keep a track of what is going on back at your home, even though you are nowhere near it. You will have to install the Microseven software to explore the live streaming feature and you will be able to view 16 cameras simultaneously in one screen. So you can monitor your entire house at the same time. The software is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.This is at par with most of the IP cameras available nowadays and Microseven has kept-up with the competition by providing the same. It also has a micro SD slot that is expandable up to 64 GB.

Design &Setup - Microseven M7B57 is a compact camera that easily fits in the roof or wall of your home. It comes in white color and a sturdy built that allows it to endure any rough weather conditions.

The cameraalso comes with an easyDIY installation process. Any layman can install the camera following the detailed instructions on the package. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the entire procedure. For mounting, you are going to need the little tools that are already included in the camera package – the screws, Allen wrench and the mollies. Since it is a fixed lens camera, position the camera in such a way that it covers the maximum area. This will give it an optimum range of view from a single point.

You will have to download the free Microseven app (available on iOS/Android/Kindle) and scan the QR code on the body of the camera, to induce a quick setup procedure.

Field of View - Microseven M7B57 has a wide angle 3.6mm lens fixed lens. The lens, offers a 70 degree viewing angle which is more than enough to cover a vast field of view. Due to its fixed lens feature, you won’t be able to perform pan or tilt, which does come as a drawback if you are planning to use it indoors, but needless to say, the wide 70 degree viewing angle, morethan make up for the movements feature.

Microseven M7B57 outdoor review

Detection of Motion - The Microseven M7B57 features an excellent motion detection feature. You can create up to 4 motion detection zones. It is beyond any doubt that it is one of the most sensitivecameras to be able to detect a motion in its field of view. However, this may become a pain in the gut, because it literally captures every kind of motion, even the falling of a leaf or the drizzling of trees in the wind or even an insect in front of the camera. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the motion detection, and it is advised that you must try it out on what amount of sensitivity works well with you and keep it up on that setting, so you don’t get bothered by false alarms. This comes as a savior for its extra sensitivity.

Resolution - With a 1.3MP lens, Microseven M7B57 camera offers high quality pictures as it is enhanced by a resolution of 1280 x 960. It records full HD quality pictures at 960p and at 30 fps. Needless to say the picture quality is more than sufficient for a security camera and you will be able to view bright colors and prominent outlines, allowing you to recognize anyone or anything with the power of its fine pictures. Furthermore, the camera has IR Cut Filter technology that will let the camera to record clear picture barring any disturbances form the quality.

Sound - Microseven M7B57 camera doesn’t come with any inbuilt audio, but the manufacturer has made it possible for you to connect any audio equipment if you feel like it. There are two adapters that come with the camera which you can use for a microphone and a speaker. So if you feel the need, you can attach these audio accessories to your camera. Generally in outdoor setup, audio (mic or speaker) is not something which has great use case but this comes in handy while using Microseven M7B57 for indoor surveillance.

Movement - Microseven M7B57 camera has a fixed lens, so you won’t be able to pan and tilt. This is certainly a disadvantage. However, you must know that the camera sports a 70 degree wide angle which covers a vast field of view making up for the lack of the pan and tilt feature.

Night Vision - As stated above, Microseven M7B57 camera has an excellent video quality and its HD enhanced quality gives it an edge over many of the IP cameras available in the market. But this feature is not limited to the daytime video recording only. The night vision of the camera comes with Ultra-Wide 90 degree viewing angleand a remarkable field of view which gives fine and crisp image quality. It has a very impressive IR LED night vision range of 100ft. The advanced IR cut filter gives the pictures amore defined look than most of the cameras. You won’t have a problem identifying anyone in the darkness of the night with in the specified range of 100ft which is quite impressive.

Microseven M7B57 review

Storage - The camera has a dedicated micro SD card slot up to 64GB which enables the local video storage and equips the camera with the ability to record on a micro SDXC memory card which is expandable to 64 GB. However, Microseven M7B57 is not restricted to memory card only; you can opt for NAS, NVR, and cloud or FTP storage facilities as well.

Cost - Microseven M7B57 is priced at $109.99. Considering the feature that it is providing, this pricing can be calculated as overpriced. You will get a number of cameras with similar features in a lower price. However, having said that, this camera serves the dual purpose of indoor and outdoor and has a top notch weather proof quality. So, you can actually go for this camera if these are the features you were looking for.

Foscam F19803P Outdoor Security Camera

Foscam F19803P outdoor review


Excellent digital zoom.

Great camera and features for price.


Video quality is poor as object move farther.

Wifi is unstable.

Foscam F19803P Outdoor Security Camera Features

An outdoor security camera is what you need to keep your house secure in its entirety. Keeping tab on who is coming in and who is going out is a smart move, to keep your security intact. Making its presence felt in the outdoor security cameras is the Foscam F19803P. It is a decent HD quality IP camerawith an excellent 8X digital zoomand IP66 weatherproof technology at a stunningly low price range.

This camera is wireless (Wi-Fi) enabled with 802.11b/g standards.The Wi-Fi feature of the camera comes in handy as it helps to prevent the engagement of any unnecessary wires for connectivity.

Design & Setup - Installing this camera is certainly one of the easiest. Installing the Foscam F19803P is simple and if you follow the instructions provided, it will be a child’s play to have it on your walls in no time. You can also download the app and follow the guidance provided there. The physical mounting is fairly easy as well, you will need an Allen wrench and that’s about it.

Field of View - Foscam F19803P is a fixed camera. This means that you won’t be able to perform the pan and tilt features on this camera. It will stay fixed the way you install it. However, it must be noted that the security camera offers a wide field of view of about 70 degrees. This will allow you to get an almost panned vision of the field, even though it is not facilitated with the pan and the tilt feature. Just to give you a perspective, the 70 degree field of view is enough to cover the entirety of your home’s front or the backyard.

The camera also comes packed with a 65 feet viewing range, which gives a perfect surveillance of your garage, driveway and your front street.

Foscam F19803P outdoor review

Detection of Motion - Most security cameras available nowadays in the market, comes with motion detection feature. Foscom F19803P is no exception. This outdoor security camera is boosted with Infrared motion detection feature along with alarm, which will provide you with instant notification as soon as the camera witnesses any irregular activities in its field of view.

This is where Foscam F19803P displays one of its unique features. You will receive the notification, in the form of an email, which will carry a snapshot of the view and an audio file. This will give you an instant access to the chaos that has ensued in your house.

Resolution - It is to the credit of the camera’s resolution that you get such high quality video. The Foscam F19803P’s 1280x720p HD resolution is something that is an envy of most of the security cameras in this price range. It provides clear, crisp images which are enhanced by bright colors, a result if the IR-cut filter. The quality of the picture is so good that it often feels like that the camera is powered by 1080p rather than 720p. With the ability to record everything in its field of view with defining outlines and depth of color, recognizing the faces, license plate and any other such things will be extremely easier. However, quality deteriorates quickly as you move farther away.

High resolution is a must for any outdoor security camera, as god forbid, if anything happens at your house, it will become easier for you to recognize the culprit or the police will be able to take fast action based on the video footage that they will accumulate form your Foscam outdoor security camera.

Sound - As mentioned earlier, the Foscam F19803P camera can record audio. This comes as an added advantage as most security cameras fail to provide this basic feature. The quality of the recorded audio is bit poor, but it can be excused as most of the people don’t buy an outdoor security camera for its audio quality, but you do have an option to add an external mike of higher quality. There is rarely anything that you will need the audio for when your security camera is placed outside your house. It also has an option (audio jack) to add external speaker to enable 2-way audio facility.

Movement - Perhaps the biggest drawback of Foscam F19803P is that it is a fixed camera. This came as a surprise, as most cameras in this price range are loaded with the pan and tilt feature. However, Foscam tried hard to fill the gap with its wide viewing range and to some extent, it succeeds as well. The 70 degree viewing angle makes up for the lack of any movement in the camera.


Foscam F19803P review

Night Vision -The company promised to provide a stunning night vision, and it has kept that promise. The 65 feet range showcases a fantastically lit night time images and videos. This may be due to the IR cut filter that this camera sports.

Zone Detection -With an outdoor camera, invading your neighbor’s privacy comes as a big problem. Foscam F19803P helps you to deal with that. It gives you an option to set specific private zones, which won’t be seen or recorded by the camera. In this way you will be able to, monitor those specific areas without getting into trouble of invading your neighbor’s privacy. This feature is particularly important and Foscam has done a great job buy including it in this model. It is a feature that can seal the deal for many a buyer, due to its uniqueness and certainly the importance.

Storage - Foscam F19803P comes with the options of cloud storage, NVR and local hard drive. You can also use FTP to transfer it to an FTP server. If you want to save some money, then go for the local hard drive, as you won’t have to chip in extra amount of money for monthly subscription of cloud storage.Main advantage of taking cloud storage subscription is that it helps in preventing loss of recording due to theft. The h.264 compression feature of the camera, compresses the videos into smaller sizes for efficient usage storage facility.

Notification/Alert - In case of any unnatural detection of motion, you will be instantly notified only through an email along with a snapshot and audio recording. The Foscam F19803P camera also comes with a feature to avoid false alarms.

Cost -Considering the features that the camera is offering, it price of the camera is a pretty bargain. At $49.84, this camera is certainly a steal. The camera may not come with all the features that you are looking for, but the fact that it is retailed at such a low price, makes up for almost everything.