Features to look for when Comparing Home Security Cameras

Field of View

The size of the area that a camera can capture and record is referred to as its Field of View. The importance of this feature can be gauged by the fact that this directly governs the numbers of cameras that need to be installed, together with their location of placement.

Detection of Motion

Cameras capable of detecting motion can be configured to shoot notifications when they detect motion within its range of view. This is an immensely beneficial feature as it forewarns users about any dubious movements within their premises and allows one to take appropriate action.


The clarity and resolve of the image captured by a camera is known as its resolution. The higher the resolution, the greater the clarity of the images taken by the camera, and easier the image identification.


When speaking of the sound feature, it could either refer to the capability of the camera to receive sound through a microphone, or its capability of emanating sound through a speaker, or both. Cameras having both the capabilities can behave as an intercom.


Cameras that have the flexibility to pan and/or tilt are capable of netting a larger image capture in contrast to static cameras, which are limited in terms of movement. The flexibility feature will ensure the need for fewer camera installations, in comparison to static cameras, as the former covers a larger area by virtue of this feature.

Night Vision

This feature must be given due importance, because majority of the requirements for cameras are to monitor premises at off hours, mostly by night. The effectiveness of a camera in recording images in low or no light situations, and the distance to which it can capture pristine images, is something that must be well weighed when selecting a camera.

WiFi Capability

Cameras with WiFi capability can seamlessly connect with the base network at home, wirelessly. A WiFi enabled camera not only ensures smooth connectivity, but also does away with the tangles attached to wired counterparts.


Irrespective of the features a camera entails, cost is always a factor that play a major role in the decision to invest in a particular model.