Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor Security Camera

Amcrest Pro HD outdoor review


FHD Video Inexpensive.

Free Cloud Storage.

Low Lag Time.


False Motion detection Alarms

Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor Security Camera Features

If you want a home monitoring system that would not only suit all your needs but also come within your budget, this camera from the house of Amcrest is definitely the one for you. This IP camera can not only record the motion event footages but also allows live viewing and both of them are done in 1080p FHD. And if you want to get notifications for motion detection, this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera has that feature too. With a 93-degree viewing angle coupled with a 98 feet night vision, you can stay completely assured about the monitoring process. The enhanced digital zoom is also one of the key features of this camera. On top of all these features, this camera is POE enabled but it requires a separate POE switch or injector to operate.

The uninterrupted remote viewing feature of this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera will enable you to look after your child or even your pet when you are not at home. Moreover, it is an IP66 camera which means it is completely weatherproof. Read on to have a detailed look at all the features.

Design &Setup - The aesthetics of the Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera along with the features that it has, makes this camera quite a good one. Both black and white color options are available for this camera. It is a dome camera so if you want the camera to monitor a greater area then you must place the camera in the center of the area to be covered.

The camera has a pan and tilt option which means both horizontal and vertical movement is allowed along with the option that you can control it even from a remote area and thus this feature makes surveillance possible in various directions.

The setup procedure is very easy. All you need is a smartphone and the Amcrest View mobile app. You just have to plug in the camera, scan the QR code and then follow the steps that will be shownon the screen. The camera being a weatherproof one can be safely put up in a suitable location without worrying about damage due to extreme weather conditions.It’s a DIY camera so the installation can be completely done by yourself.

Field of View - The whopping93 degree viewing angle is one of the features what makes the customers choose this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera over the others. The outstanding viewing angle is the product of the 2.8 mm lens which has a maximum aperture of F 2.4. So, once you have got this camera installed, you don’t need to worry about anything escaping the recording frame.

Resolution - With a frequency of 30 frames per second (fps) and a resolution of 1920 X 1080, there is no doubt that this is an outstanding camera from the resolution point of view. Every minute details of the recording are clearly visible and distinguishable too. The intelligent digital zoom feature adds another feather to its crown. From thieves to unwanted creatures, everything will be captured with precision and you will also be notified about the time it happened.

Amcrest Pro HD outdoor review

Detection of Motion - Though the Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera is provided with an advanced motion detection features which promise not to give false alarms when leaves or curtains sway in the wind, but several customers have complained about receiving false notifications from this camera.

The Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera does have a zone detection feature but it has got various negative comments from the customers saying that the notifications pop up even due to the simplest of matters which are of no importance. Regardless of that, you can create motion zones and even set threshold meters to the various sensitive areas of zones, so user can configure the sensitivity as per the requirement.

You will get a pop-up notification on your Android the moment the camera detects any suspicious movement in the motion zones. But the best thing is that you will even get a snapshot of disturbance that led to the notification being sent to you. You will also get Email alerts. You can also be alerted through various Web Apps like Firefox or Safari or any other IE supported app.

Night Vision - If you are worried whether this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera would recognize faces at night, then you can stay assured about that as the night vision property of this surveillance camera is, beyond any doubts, remarkable. The cutting-edge technology that is implemented in it for night-vision enables you to see everything clearly even when there is no light nearby. The 30 IR LEDs of this camera has enabled it to record up to a range of 98 feet even in the dark.

Storage - Storage is a major problem for many surveillance cameras but thankfully, Amcrest is not one of them. The cloud storage that comes with this camera is commendable. It ensures that you get access to the footages even when you are not at home which is not possible with a local storage. With the cloud storage, whether you are on a vacation or at the office, you can just login through the Amcrest app or through your PC and just select the footage you want to view. You can view the footages at a 2MP quality. Moreover, you can also turn on on-the-go alerts with the help of the cloud storage. In addition to this, you will get a free live viewing and a four hour long recorded storage. You can access it from your Android Smartphone, iPhone, IPad or even your Windows or Apple Mac devices. In case you need more storage you can just opt for the plans that suit you. If you are not yet satisfied with this, then you must know that this Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera also does the recording to an FTP server which can be accessed through any Amcrest NVR or your local computer.

Amcrest Pro HD review

Sound - The camera has a two-way audio and this is quite an advantage mainly because even if you are not at home you can just tell your maid what to do sitting right in your office or you can even remind your loved ones of important things while you are not at home. Since, it also has built in mic so, all your videos i.e. live or recorded will have sound too integrated.

Cost - This Amcrest Pro HD Outdoor camera is available atprice of $109.99 and if you consider the subscription for cloud storage then the subscription starts from $6 per monthonwards. Keeping in mind the cost and the features, the AmcrestProHD Outdoor 1080P WiFiIP Security Bullet Camera is quite a good one. Only thing that you need to carefully configure is the sensitivity of motion detection alerts so that it does not send you false notifications. Apart from that, this is no doubt one of the best as it is one of the few cameras that would give you a continuous recording that too in 1080p.