August Doorbell Camera Review

August Doorbell Camera review


The app is easy to use and the setup is quite easy.

The alerts are very much spontaneous.

The on-demand video feature is a plus point.


There is no option for landscape view when you playback the video.

No Night Vision feature.

August Doorbell Camera Features

Video Quality and Coverage - With a 1280 x 960 pixel quality, the August Doorbell Camera has a 140-degree viewing angle which is a standout configuration. The live HD streaming of the doorbell is quite advantageous but unavailability of the night vision capabilitymakes this doorbell camera less attractive compared to the others in the same class.

Design & Setup - The August Doorbell does not have the outlook of a doorbell neither does it look like a camera. It is somewhat peculiar. This Wi-Fi enabled wireless IP camera has a square housing which has a thickness of 0.8 inches and the sides are of 3 inches each.

August Doorbell is a DIY doorbell and so the installation process is very easy. Everything will be provided to you in the box like mounting plate and screws, wire connectors, wall anchors, mounting wedge, and hex wrench. After you have put up the doorbell in the desired location all you need to do is setup the Wi-Fi. But for that the Wi-Fi signal must be quite strong at your doorstep and your router must be between 10-15 feet from the site of installation. If your installation process goes all correct, you will find that the indicator on your doorbell will give a green signal and then you can click on ‘Start Setup’ option in the app. After that you have to give a name to the door and to the house where you are installing the buzzer. If your phone is already connected to your Wi-Fi, then your doorbell will get connected to it after you enter the password.

August Doorbell Camera review
August Doorbell Camera review

Convenience & Accessibility - With the remote viewing feature of this doorbell you can see who has pressed the button of the doorbell even when you are not at home. The best part is that you can retain your privacy as you can see who is standing at your doorstep without showing yourself up with the one-way HD video. The doorbell can be effectively connected to your existing analog doorbell and it will operate with the help of your house current. The on-demand video feature is quite helpful as you can see the missed visitors later on. You will get a free cloud for 30-days after which you will have to pay for the subscription. The doorbell works perfectly with both iOS and Android.

If you pair your August Doorbell with the August Smart Lock, then you can enjoy even more benefits as you will be able to unlock and lock your door sitting completely at a different place with the help of the app. You will even get alerts when someone enters your home.

August Doorbell does not come with a battery option so you will not get any power back in case you lose electricity at home.

Alerts - You will get instant alerts the moment someone rings the doorbell.

Audio - With the two-way audio feature, you can speak to your visitors from wherever you are. With the live streaming, you can even chat with the visitor through your compatible device.

Price - The August Doorbell is priced at $152 and it is no doubt a bit pricey keeping in mind the features that it has. Moreover, you will not even get a night vision feature even after paying so much.