Ring Pro Doorbell Camera Review

Ring Pro Doorbell Camera review


The video quality is outstanding.

The sleek design is commendable.


The doorbell is quite costly.

You have to pay for the cloud storage.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Features

Video Quality and Coverage - The outstanding and crisp resolution of a complete 1080p HD is what makes the Ring Video Doorbell Pro so much popular. With a 160 degree field of view and a live streaming option, this doorbell is no doubt one of the best ones. The infrared night vision is equally good and the video quality has a good contrast which makes it easier to spot things.

Design & Setup - The ultra-slim design of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is what catches everyone’s attention with a width of just 1.85 inches. The doorbell also has four interchangeable faceplates. You can choose from various options of this Wi-Fi-enabled IP doorbell namely Satin Black, Satin Nickel, Venetian and Pearl White.

The setup procedure is also quite user-friendly. Everything that will be required in the installation process of this wireless doorbell will be given to you like mounting bracket, screwdriver, wood screws, drill bit, weather sealant, masonry screws and also a user guide which would help you out. After physical installation,you just have to download the app and then connect your doorbell to the Wi-Fi. The weatherproof construction of the doorbell will keep it safe and secure in all weather conditions.

Convenience & Accessibility - With live streaming and on-demand video options, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is no doubt a good option for your home. Apart from this with the remote viewing feature, you can see who is at your doorstep from anywhere you are. The doorbell is fully compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and MAC devices. The cloud storage is not free and that is what makes this doorbell quite pricey as you will have to pay a monthly subscription fee of at least $3. Yes, in the beginning, you will get a free trial for 30 days to test the cloud storage plan but after that you would have to subscribe to a plan to continue enjoying the facilities.

Ring Pro Doorbell Camera review

HA Platform - This doorbell works perfectly with the Amazon Alexa app and you can see what is going on at your doorstep by just saying “Alexa, show my front door.”

Ring Pro Doorbell Camera review

Alert - On connecting the doorbell to your mobile app you will get notifications the moment someone rings the bell. The motion detection feature is quite advanced in this doorbell as you can even designate and state areas which you want to be monitored for change in motion. You will be notified the moment a change in motion is detected. So even when someone doesn’t press the doorbell you will be notified because of the motion change that someone is at your door. This keeps you alert when any burglars or thieves try to enter into your house when you are not at home.

Audio - See who is at your door and speak to them no matter where you are with the help of the two-way talk feature. This lets you feel you are at home even when you are out at work or on vacation.

Price - Priced at $249, this doorbell is quite costly and the price increases even more when you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $3 for cloud storage. But with the sleek design and outstanding video quality, the doorbell is no doubt good if you are ready to spend more. Go through all doorbell camera reviews before making your purchase decision.