Foscam F19803P Outdoor Security Camera

Foscam F19803P outdoor review


Excellent digital zoom.

Great camera and features for price.


Video quality is poor as object move farther.

Wifi is unstable.

Foscam F19803P Outdoor Security Camera Features

An outdoor security camera is what you need to keep your house secure in its entirety. Keeping tab on who is coming in and who is going out is a smart move, to keep your security intact. Making its presence felt in the outdoor security cameras is the Foscam F19803P. It is a decent HD quality IP camerawith an excellent 8X digital zoomand IP66 weatherproof technology at a stunningly low price range.

This camera is wireless (Wi-Fi) enabled with 802.11b/g standards.The Wi-Fi feature of the camera comes in handy as it helps to prevent the engagement of any unnecessary wires for connectivity.

Design & Setup - Installing this camera is certainly one of the easiest. Installing the Foscam F19803P is simple and if you follow the instructions provided, it will be a child’s play to have it on your walls in no time. You can also download the app and follow the guidance provided there. The physical mounting is fairly easy as well, you will need an Allen wrench and that’s about it.

Field of View - Foscam F19803P is a fixed camera. This means that you won’t be able to perform the pan and tilt features on this camera. It will stay fixed the way you install it. However, it must be noted that the security camera offers a wide field of view of about 70 degrees. This will allow you to get an almost panned vision of the field, even though it is not facilitated with the pan and the tilt feature. Just to give you a perspective, the 70 degree field of view is enough to cover the entirety of your home’s front or the backyard.

The camera also comes packed with a 65 feet viewing range, which gives a perfect surveillance of your garage, driveway and your front street.

Foscam F19803P outdoor review

Detection of Motion - Most security cameras available nowadays in the market, comes with motion detection feature. Foscom F19803P is no exception. This outdoor security camera is boosted with Infrared motion detection feature along with alarm, which will provide you with instant notification as soon as the camera witnesses any irregular activities in its field of view.

This is where Foscam F19803P displays one of its unique features. You will receive the notification, in the form of an email, which will carry a snapshot of the view and an audio file. This will give you an instant access to the chaos that has ensued in your house.

Resolution - It is to the credit of the camera’s resolution that you get such high quality video. The Foscam F19803P’s 1280x720p HD resolution is something that is an envy of most of the security cameras in this price range. It provides clear, crisp images which are enhanced by bright colors, a result if the IR-cut filter. The quality of the picture is so good that it often feels like that the camera is powered by 1080p rather than 720p. With the ability to record everything in its field of view with defining outlines and depth of color, recognizing the faces, license plate and any other such things will be extremely easier. However, quality deteriorates quickly as you move farther away.

High resolution is a must for any outdoor security camera, as god forbid, if anything happens at your house, it will become easier for you to recognize the culprit or the police will be able to take fast action based on the video footage that they will accumulate form your Foscam outdoor security camera.

Sound - As mentioned earlier, the Foscam F19803P camera can record audio. This comes as an added advantage as most security cameras fail to provide this basic feature. The quality of the recorded audio is bit poor, but it can be excused as most of the people don’t buy an outdoor security camera for its audio quality, but you do have an option to add an external mike of higher quality. There is rarely anything that you will need the audio for when your security camera is placed outside your house. It also has an option (audio jack) to add external speaker to enable 2-way audio facility.

Movement - Perhaps the biggest drawback of Foscam F19803P is that it is a fixed camera. This came as a surprise, as most cameras in this price range are loaded with the pan and tilt feature. However, Foscam tried hard to fill the gap with its wide viewing range and to some extent, it succeeds as well. The 70 degree viewing angle makes up for the lack of any movement in the camera.


Foscam F19803P review

Night Vision -The company promised to provide a stunning night vision, and it has kept that promise. The 65 feet range showcases a fantastically lit night time images and videos. This may be due to the IR cut filter that this camera sports.

Zone Detection -With an outdoor camera, invading your neighbor’s privacy comes as a big problem. Foscam F19803P helps you to deal with that. It gives you an option to set specific private zones, which won’t be seen or recorded by the camera. In this way you will be able to, monitor those specific areas without getting into trouble of invading your neighbor’s privacy. This feature is particularly important and Foscam has done a great job buy including it in this model. It is a feature that can seal the deal for many a buyer, due to its uniqueness and certainly the importance.

Storage - Foscam F19803P comes with the options of cloud storage, NVR and local hard drive. You can also use FTP to transfer it to an FTP server. If you want to save some money, then go for the local hard drive, as you won’t have to chip in extra amount of money for monthly subscription of cloud storage.Main advantage of taking cloud storage subscription is that it helps in preventing loss of recording due to theft. The h.264 compression feature of the camera, compresses the videos into smaller sizes for efficient usage storage facility.

Notification/Alert - In case of any unnatural detection of motion, you will be instantly notified only through an email along with a snapshot and audio recording. The Foscam F19803P camera also comes with a feature to avoid false alarms.

Cost -Considering the features that the camera is offering, it price of the camera is a pretty bargain. At $49.84, this camera is certainly a steal. The camera may not come with all the features that you are looking for, but the fact that it is retailed at such a low price, makes up for almost everything.