How to Hide Indoor Security Cameras?

Hiding outdoor security cameras is quite easy as you may have lots of discreet locations outside to install them. However, when it comes to secretly installing an indoor security camera, you have to confront lots of challenges. You have to spend a lot of time in analyzing the model, position, and other details when you what to hide an indoor security camera. Here are some points that can help you in your analysis for how to hide security cameras.

Choose Wireless over Wired Cameras

Wired cameras have wires that run along the walls, which make it very difficult for you to hide them. Even when the camera, per se, is not visible, the wires are a huge giveaway!

This is why it makes sense to install wireless camera indoors. These can be controlled by remote controls and they don’t give rise to any suspicion that your house is under surveillance.

Choose the right discreet locations

When you want your indoor security camera to go unnoticed, you should place it in a location that’s quite secretive. Look for such spots in your home and choose areas that are mostly overlooked or ignored by the rest of the people in your home. Placing the security camera among a heap of papers, in the midst of plants and in any area that has a lot of clutter is definitely wiser than placing them in a clean and spacious area.

Use heavy-duty adhesive strips

Once you have chosen a small and compact camera, consider sticking it on the walls with heavy-duty adhesive strips than mounting them. Mounting these cameras make them look more prominent.

If a particular security camera can function perfectly fine when it is stuck, use the strips that come with it and some additional adhesive strips for better performance. However, if a camera works on a swivel & rotate mechanism, it might be mandatory to mount it on the wall.

Choose the right size of cameras

You have identified the right hiding spot in your home to place your security camera. Would you think it would solve the purpose when you install a huge camera there? Definitely, not! Though the place that you chose was great and secretive, you made a mistake in choosing the size of the camera.

When you want to hide an indoor security camera, you should choose the ones that are small, compact and wireless. When cameras are small, you can fit them in any place so that they go unnoticed.

Pay attention to connectivity issues

When you install a wireless indoor security camera in a secret location and test it, you may experience connectivity issues, at times. Never ignore these. These issues mean that your camera is not located in the range in which it can receive signals from the main hub. You need to change the location immediately and install it in a place where it is able to receive signals. If you don’t do this, your camera will fail you, when you need it the most.

Are you planning to install multiple security cameras in your home? If yes, you should ensure that you install one camera first and test it thoroughly before proceeding to the next. If there are problems, you should make the necessary changes right then.

Many people make the mistake of installing multiple cameras first and testing them all at once. In this case, if one camera fails, you have to check the connections of all the cameras and rework on them, if necessary. This leads to huge wastage of time.

Whenever you set out to buy a home security camera or an indoor security camera, you should always pay attention to its technical details and product specifications. Try to understand the features of a camera completely before you purchase it. In case of queries, do not hesitate to get them clarified from the seller at the time of purchase.