PhyLink Bullet 1080p (HD) Outdoor Security Camera Review

PhyLink Bullet 1080p outdoor review


Excellent Video quality.

Great Field of Vision: 90°


Low Night Vision range

False notification alarms

PhyLink Bullet 1080p Outdoor Security Camera Features

With a high-definition video quality, the PhyLink Bullet 1080p Full HD Waterproof Outdoor Camera is a very good option both for your office and your home. This IP camera has been rated to IP66 which makes it perfect for outdoor use. It can not only record in 1080p but also has a special feature in it, that is, License Plate Recognition which implements optical character recognition to identify the license plates of cars. This wireless camera is compatible with both Windows and Mac. With the remote viewing feature, you can watch what is going on in your house no matter wherever you are. Another important feature is that it has a built-in micro SD DVR. The microphone that is present internally in the camera is water-resistant. The compatibility of the camera is commendable. It works over Ethernet, Wi-Fi and even Power over Ethernet (POE).For more Bullet HD cameras review, read below.

Design & Setup - The PhyLink outdoor camera is bullet camera. It has a metal casing and this casing ensures that the camera can withstand even the harshest conditions. The metal casing makes the camera rustproof.

The setup procedure of the camera is very easy and it can be done by anyone. No matter which device you have, be it Linux, Mac, iPhone or PC, configuring the camera is a cakewalk. You would have surely noticed the WPS button on the camera. All that you need to do is press the WPS button on your router and then the one on the camera. Your connection will be made securely. Even if you are not much acquainted with technical matters you will be able to complete the configuration process.

Field of View - The camera has a field of view of 90 degrees along with a night view range of 30 feet which makes the camera an outstanding one when it comes to night vision. However, the camera does not have digital zoom neither does it have a pan tilt option whichagain lowers its score as there are many cameras which do provide these features.

Detection of Motion - There are very few surveillance cameras that have the capability to record a footage entirely in 1080p and also have an outstanding motion detection feature. The motion zones of this camera can be adjusted according to their sensitivity. Moreover, the camera also has an option with the help of which you will be able to set the camera in such a way that it will record only when it detects a motion. This does not only save up your storage space but also your time as you will not have to search through hours of recordings just to find a small portion of the footage. Butsome things may go unnoticed as this feature is not 100% accurate. A notification will be directly sent to you when any motion will be detected. Notificationwill be sent via push notifications, FTP or email.

Resolution - If you have the notion that security cameras record blurred images only, then you should see the footage recorded by the PhyLink 1080p outdoor camera. The entire footage is recorded in 1080p and is crystal clear. Whether its day or night, the camera records life-like images. When seen from the price point of view this camera is really a must buy. The IR Cut filter that the camera has ensures that all the colors of nature are recorded with absolution precision and they appear vibrant and bright even in the recordings. With such brilliant visual features, you can expand the coverage of your footage without fearing the loss in quality of the image.

Night Vision - The night vision of this camera can record a clear footage up to 30 feet. The infrared technology that is incorporated in the camera helps it record crystal clear recordings even at night. So the next time you heard a noise outside your door in the dead of the night, you would be able to see it sitting right in your room.

PhyLink Bullet 1080p outdoor review

Audio - The camera has a two-way audio feature with the help of which you will be able to speak to the person you see on the camera when you are not at home. If you see that your baby is up to some mischief you can just scold him or her from your office or if you notice that your maid has forgotten something, just remind her from your office.

Wi-Fi Compatibility - The connectivity options that are available for this IP camera is a positive point for it. It not only supports POE 802.3af but along with it, the camera also supports Wi-Fi. If you are using the POE, then the single cable will serve two purposes – connectivity and power. And if you want to experience wireless viewing, then all you have to do is take out the POE cable and plug it into the power outlet. But the picture clarity will remain same in both.

PhyLink Bullet 1080p review

Storage - The PhyLink outdoor camera provides its customers with a wide variety of storage options. Firstly, the camera has a MicroSD card slot which is expandable up to 128 GB but you have to buy the card yourself. To save space what you can do is set the camera in such a way that it records only when motion is detected. Secondly, you can also save the footages separately in a network attached storage or NAS or even NVR drives. Some of them include Synology, QNAP and ASUSTOR. You, can later on, watch the footages in your leisure time with the help of the Dropbox cloud storage.

Cost - The camera is available at $149 but for the storage you will have to buy the micro SD card separately so if you are assuming the total cost then you have to add up the price of the SD card too. But in an overall view, considering the price and features, the PhyLink Camera is a reliable one.