Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Indoor Security Camera

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Indoor Security Camera Review


High quality prictures and videos

Multiple storage option. Provides the ability to store on SD Card, Cloud, NVR and NAS

2 way talk available.


Not Wireless

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Indoor Security Camera Features

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD is one of the most versatile and reliable indoor security cameras available in the market. It is packed with features and offers great quality in terms of its video recording. This wireless indoor IP camera is what you need for your home security.This indoor IP camera has all the technologies and features that are ideal for a security camera. It has live streaming facilities, 24/7 recording and playback features that are easily accessible either locally or remotely. The remote viewing can be done by accessing through the camera’s web interface or by the Amcrest smartphone app. One of the features that makes Amcrest stand out from the rest of the indoor security cameras in this price range is its ability to provide a pan/tilt motion for a complete 360 degree view. It can record video to an FTP server ,MicroSD card , NAS, Amcrest NVR or onto your local computer. However, it also has an access to the cloud profile, which can be subscribed based on your preference.

Design & Setup - Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD is extremely easy to setup. It comes with a standard tripod screw hole for mounting. The mounting casket should be able to hold at least three times the weight of the camera.

The software setup is quite easy as well. First, you need to connect the camera to a power source and then attach it to your router via an Ethernet cable. The pre-set username and password are both ‘admin’. To continue, you will have to change both of them. This is one of the commendable steps taken by Amcrest to ensure your security.

The web administration portal is supported by a friendly interface. However, it must be noted that the interface uses an NPAPI plugin which is only supported by Firefox and Internet Explorer. You will not be able to get it in Chrome. Amcrest is hardly to blame for such as Chrome decided not to support the plugin. But we are sure that Amcrest will update such a drawback pretty soon.

Field of View - The field of view offered by Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD indoor security camera is, to simply put, impressive. The camera possesses a visual range of 90 degrees with a carefully crafted 4mm fixed lens with a max aperture of F2.2.

However, it can be tilted 360 degrees to provide a wide range of view. So, if you install the camera in one corner of the room, you will be able to track the complete view of the room, without installing another camera. The pan and tilt can easily be controlled by the compatible devices available with the camera. The field of view is certainly larger than most of the fixed bullet indoor security cameras.

Detection of Motion - Motion detection is perhaps one of the most enjoyable features of Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD indoor security camera. You can set some pre-defined rules, based on which if a motion occurs, the camera will instantly notify you through your smartphone or tablet. They are also equipped to send you an email alert with a snapshot of the view. You can expect all the good features of motion detection in Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD that you will get in almost all the indoor security cameras of this range. Moreover, you are at liberty to set up each event for the camera based on a schedule. You can also set the camera to pan or tilt based on any motion that it detects. You can also enable more than one kind of event at the same time.

There are several types of motion detection for Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD that may interest any buyer. These motion detections enhance the features of the camera. They are:

  • The ‘Motion Detect’ of Amcrest simply looks out for any abnormality in its field of view and alerts you with push notification and emailsyou a snapshot.
  • You will get a notification immediately, when the video blanks out.
  • When this event mode is activated, the camera will alert you as soon as it detects any sound via its onboard mic or the audio input.
  • The camera will alert you as soon as it detects unauthorized logins with wrong username or passwords or even in case of a hacking.
  • The camera comes with an alarm input connection. If you plan on adding a PIR sensor to the camera, then this input comes into play. PIR sensor detects any abnormalities through heat sensing, thus reducing any false alarm that you may experience from the usual motion detect.
  • If anyone tries to abort the SD card illegally, then you will be instantly alerted.

These motion detection features are extremely essential in today’s world, and AmcrestProHD indoor security camera has proved to be a prominent leader in the same.

Resolution - Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD not only features the latest Sony IMX322 progressive scanning image sensor, but it also comes with the Ambarella S2Lm chipset. With a full HD 1080p resolution, Amcrest has the power to paint each of its video with rich and vivid colors. It records its video at 30 frames per second. So with 30 fps and a 1920x1080 resolution, you can stay assured that no details will miss out from the camera’s powerful lens.

Sound - The Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD indoor security camera has a built-in two-way audio. The body of the camera has an embedded speaker and mic, which operates a state-of-the-art noise cancelling algorithm. The camera has the capability to record everything that is happening with clear diction and noise cancelling procedures. So the ultimate video that you will be viewing either through your smartphone or tablet will present a stunning audio quality.

Movement - The feature that makes Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD unique is its complete ability to pan or tilt 360 degrees. This is a rare feature that doesn’t come with any fixed bullet cameras, but with Amcrest you will have the leisure to pan or tilt the indoor surveillance camera at 360 degrees, offering you to have a full range of view of your room, from your tablet or smartphone. You can also use the zoom function to digitally zoom in on the field of view.

Night Vision - Amcrest’s cutting-edge night vision technology will allow you to get good quality pictures even in low-light or complete darkness. The 12 IR LEDs attached to the camera, emits infrared rays that are imperceptible to the human eye. With the help of these the camera is able to cast a 32 feet night vision range.

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera review

Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD 1080P (1920TVL) Wireless WiFi IP Camera review

WiFiCapability - The WiFi installation and connectivity is a pretty easy task. As it runs on wireless technology having a functioning WiFi is absolutely an essential. Once your setup process is done, you will be able to connect it through the Amcrest View mobile app. It is a simple procedure and any layman can do it without any trouble. Download the app and scan the QR code provided with the camera and you will be connected with the camera in no time at all. Amcrest IP2M-841 ProHD indoor security camera features a secure SSL connection via HTTPS as well as AES encryption that helps it to comply with the modern WiFi standards for encrypted connections.

This WiFi connectivity will also help to record and store video into the Amcrest cloud account; in any case the SD card fails to function or gets filled up. The cloud account can be accessed through the Amcrest Cloud app, which will give you live viewing, along with 4 hours of recorded storage free.

Zone Detection - You can create distinct motion detection zones within the field of view of the camera. Any motion in these zones will trigger an alarm to your smartphone or tablet that has the app running. Each zone can have its own sensitivity and threshold meters, which you can set as per your liking.

Notification/Alert - You can get immediate push notification along with email alert for any abnormal motion that it will detect. The email alert will also come with the snapshot of the view of “motion” that triggered the alert. You can pre-set certain modes for the camera to trigger an alarm.

Cost - With such great features and promising performance, it is actually shocking to note that AmcrestProHD indoor security camera retails at $109.99. This is perhaps the best camera that you can buy at this price range. You won’t find anything lower than this price with this many features. However, POE accessories are sold separately.Cloud storage is available at 7-day, 15-day, and 30-day storage plans, which starts at $6 per month.