Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Nest Cam review


Easy to install

Excellent digital zoom, range of view & video quality.

Geofencing and scheduling

Interoperable with other popular smart systems and services such as IFTTT, Wynk etc.


Expensive subscription plans

No local storage

Motion detection settings can not be modified. 

Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Features

Field of View - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera has a neat 130-degree field of view which is one of the widest available. This coupled with its small size, 8x zoom and adjustable stand provide you with maximum flexibility in defining the area you want to capture. It can easily cover most normal sized rooms when positioned appropriately.

Detection of Motion - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is designed to send you a maximum of one motion or sound notification every 30 minutes. This setting cannot be modified. However, the video history on the Nest mobile app keeps track of all motion and sound detection events. The device triggers fewer false alarms - moving shadows, passing cars, rustling leaves etc. - than its predecessor the Dropcam Pro. You can avail this advanced sensing feature by subscribing to Nest Aware. The camera also includes a scheduling feature that allows you to choose which hours of the day you want the camera to be active and when to turn it off.

Resolution - One of the distinguishing features of the Nest Cam which make it best Indoor Security Cameras is its high quality 1080p HD, 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps video resolution. With the additional features of the camera's wide-angle lens and 8x zoom, the picture quality in day and night modes is exceptional. In order to save on bandwidth, the Nest Cam defaults to 720p although it can record in 1080p. The 1080p footage from the camera is truly high-definition with crisp image and sharp focus.

WiFi Capability - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is a Wi-Fi enabled camera ensuring it can seamlessly connect with the base network at home wirelessly. This provides flexibility in placement of the cameras within your home and does away with the laying of any cables. A good internet connection and plenty of bandwidth is needed to use the Nest Cam and Nest Aware together. As per Nest estimates, a single Nest Cam running at 720p will use 60GB of upload bandwidth each month, and 140GB when recording in 1080p.

Nest Cam review

Movement - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera comes with a magnetic base as well as a slim pivoting leg that allows you to install the camera more easily and optimize its angle. The magnetic base provides stability for the camera while the pivoting leg allows the camera to tilt through 180 degrees. The camera head itself is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees allowing you to cover a larger area.

Night Vision - The night vision mode is truly top-notch and unbeatable with a great deal of clarity and brightness. It is also very smart - it doesn’t switch between day and night modes when you direct a bright light towards it such as a torch, for example. The camera's lens is surrounded by eight LED lights that capture impressive detail. The night-vision mode will be turned on automatically when the lights go out. In addition, it can be manually activated to capture low-light areas.

Sound - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera comes with a built-in mic and speaker providing two-way audio capability. This talk and listen feature much like a walkie-talkie with video is one of the unique selling points of the camera. When viewing the video steam, you can click on the Talk button on the app to connect to the speaker on the camera. A blue flashing light will appear on the front of the camera accompanied by a beep sound signaling for someone on the other side to talk. However, the quality of the sound in either direction is quite basic.

Design & Setup - The Nest Cam, an indoor cloud-based home security camera measuring 4.5 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches. It is made of shiny black plastic with the lens in the center and comes with a wall mounting plate, a magnetic base and a slim pivoting leg that allows the camera to tilt through 180 degrees and provides you with several options for camera placement. The lens has a status LED above it that flashes blue when the camera is trying to connect to the network and glows green when active. The camera uses a micro USB cable and AC adapter for power. Using the included hardware, you can stick the camera to a metal surface, attach it to a wall, make it stand on a flat surface or mount it on a tripod. The setup of the Nest Cam is quite straightforward. Once the camera is installed, you need to download the Nest mobile app which is available for iOS and Android and follow the instructions. The home page will display all of your installed Nest devices, with links to setting and account information. The app will provide you with the option to add the Nest Cam by scanning the QR code on the camera's rear and connecting it to your Wi-Fi network.

Nest Cam review

Integration with other devices - The Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera seamlessly integrates with other Nest devices. You can link it to the Nest Learning Thermostat which detects when you are home to Away, via the Home & Away feature in the Nest app. The Nest Cam will automatically switch on when you set the Nest Learning Thermostat to Away and off when you set it to Home. The camera is also compatible with the Nest Protect carbon-monoxide-and-fire detector which detects presence of smoke in the home, in which case, the Nest Cam will automatically record a clip to capture the events so that you can understand what happened, thats a best indoor security camera review as compare to other camera review.

Cost - The Nest Cam's impressive features do come at a cost though. The camera costs $199 in the US. In addition, you need an expensive monthly or yearly Nest Aware subscription and other Nest products to avail all the features. Nest Aware is Nest cloud service which provides cloud storage, superior motion detection, the ability to create and save video clips, and Action Zones where you can select the area to be notified about. The first month of Nest Aware comes free, and subsequently, subscriptions cost $10 a month for a 10-day video history stored in the cloud and $30 a month for a 30-day video history.