Microseven M7B57 Outdoor Security Camera

Microseven M7B57 outdoor review


Excellent Video Quality.

Built in SD Card slot upto 64GB.

Wi-Fi & POE combo.



Does not have built in 2 way audio but slot is available to connect external Mic and Speaker.

Microseven M7B57 Outdoor Security Camera Features

Microseven M7B57 is one of the security cameras that is manufactured in such a way that you can not only use them outdoors but also indoors. This IP cameraalso supports POE 802.3af standard so in case you have Power-on-Ethernet setup at home, this comes handy.It is packed with features and even though it is priced quite high, it does have its unique qualities. You will get several other surveillance cameras with more features than this one, but its dual mounting quality that allows it to operate properly both indoors and outdoors gives it an added benefit. Moreover, Microseven M7B57 isan IP66 rated camera which makes it weatherproof that lets it survive all kinds of extreme weather conditions and protects it from rusts and other water damage.

The camera isWi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n compliant and supports wireless security enabled by WEP & WPA/WPA2 encryption. If you download the Microseven app you can also opt for remote viewing and keep a track of what is going on back at your home, even though you are nowhere near it. You will have to install the Microseven software to explore the live streaming feature and you will be able to view 16 cameras simultaneously in one screen. So you can monitor your entire house at the same time. The software is compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac OS X.This is at par with most of the IP cameras available nowadays and Microseven has kept-up with the competition by providing the same. It also has a micro SD slot that is expandable up to 64 GB.

Design &Setup - Microseven M7B57 is a compact camera that easily fits in the roof or wall of your home. It comes in white color and a sturdy built that allows it to endure any rough weather conditions.

The cameraalso comes with an easyDIY installation process. Any layman can install the camera following the detailed instructions on the package. It takes around 15 minutes to complete the entire procedure. For mounting, you are going to need the little tools that are already included in the camera package – the screws, Allen wrench and the mollies. Since it is a fixed lens camera, position the camera in such a way that it covers the maximum area. This will give it an optimum range of view from a single point.

You will have to download the free Microseven app (available on iOS/Android/Kindle) and scan the QR code on the body of the camera, to induce a quick setup procedure.

Field of View - Microseven M7B57 has a wide angle 3.6mm lens fixed lens. The lens, offers a 70 degree viewing angle which is more than enough to cover a vast field of view. Due to its fixed lens feature, you won’t be able to perform pan or tilt, which does come as a drawback if you are planning to use it indoors, but needless to say, the wide 70 degree viewing angle, morethan make up for the movements feature.

Microseven M7B57 outdoor review

Detection of Motion - The Microseven M7B57 features an excellent motion detection feature. You can create up to 4 motion detection zones. It is beyond any doubt that it is one of the most sensitivecameras to be able to detect a motion in its field of view. However, this may become a pain in the gut, because it literally captures every kind of motion, even the falling of a leaf or the drizzling of trees in the wind or even an insect in front of the camera. You can increase or decrease the sensitivity of the motion detection, and it is advised that you must try it out on what amount of sensitivity works well with you and keep it up on that setting, so you don’t get bothered by false alarms. This comes as a savior for its extra sensitivity.

Resolution - With a 1.3MP lens, Microseven M7B57 camera offers high quality pictures as it is enhanced by a resolution of 1280 x 960. It records full HD quality pictures at 960p and at 30 fps. Needless to say the picture quality is more than sufficient for a security camera and you will be able to view bright colors and prominent outlines, allowing you to recognize anyone or anything with the power of its fine pictures. Furthermore, the camera has IR Cut Filter technology that will let the camera to record clear picture barring any disturbances form the quality.

Sound - Microseven M7B57 camera doesn’t come with any inbuilt audio, but the manufacturer has made it possible for you to connect any audio equipment if you feel like it. There are two adapters that come with the camera which you can use for a microphone and a speaker. So if you feel the need, you can attach these audio accessories to your camera. Generally in outdoor setup, audio (mic or speaker) is not something which has great use case but this comes in handy while using Microseven M7B57 for indoor surveillance.

Movement - Microseven M7B57 camera has a fixed lens, so you won’t be able to pan and tilt. This is certainly a disadvantage. However, you must know that the camera sports a 70 degree wide angle which covers a vast field of view making up for the lack of the pan and tilt feature.

Night Vision - As stated above, Microseven M7B57 camera has an excellent video quality and its HD enhanced quality gives it an edge over many of the IP cameras available in the market. But this feature is not limited to the daytime video recording only. The night vision of the camera comes with Ultra-Wide 90 degree viewing angleand a remarkable field of view which gives fine and crisp image quality. It has a very impressive IR LED night vision range of 100ft. The advanced IR cut filter gives the pictures amore defined look than most of the cameras. You won’t have a problem identifying anyone in the darkness of the night with in the specified range of 100ft which is quite impressive.

Microseven M7B57 review

Storage - The camera has a dedicated micro SD card slot up to 64GB which enables the local video storage and equips the camera with the ability to record on a micro SDXC memory card which is expandable to 64 GB. However, Microseven M7B57 is not restricted to memory card only; you can opt for NAS, NVR, and cloud or FTP storage facilities as well.

Cost - Microseven M7B57 is priced at $109.99. Considering the feature that it is providing, this pricing can be calculated as overpriced. You will get a number of cameras with similar features in a lower price. However, having said that, this camera serves the dual purpose of indoor and outdoor and has a top notch weather proof quality. So, you can actually go for this camera if these are the features you were looking for.